Macrame Earrings For Formal Occasions

Choose from a selection of styles and over 15 colours to match your outfit.
Earrings are available in hooks and clip-on. 

Macrame Bracelets for Formal or Everyday Wear.

From sophisticated to simple everyday wear, there is a bracelet available to pair
with any selection of earring of your choice.

Macrame Earring for the Office or Everyday Wear

 Complete your professional look with unique, yet classy jewellery for work and
the office  or to spruce up your casual attire.

Jamaican Colours Macrame Jewellery

“Celebrate we likkle Island! Celebrate we roots and culture!” 
Celebrate Jamaica with our Jamaican colour jewellery. An excellent purchase for
Jamaican Celebrations, Souvenir for tourist or a gift for a friend.

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