At Tropical Edition our designs are created to reflect your own unique, authentic beauty.

Owning a piece of our handmade jewellery or accessory means you will likely
have a limited edition, custom piece you can enjoy wearing for a long time.


Through the use of Macrame and Braiding, Tropical Edition‘s bold, fashion-forward, durable,
yet lightweight creations are designed with you in mind.


 Our Pieces are Always One of a Kind

Our handmade pieces are always unique in their own way. No two pieces are exactly the same. Even if the handmade creation is part of an edition. From the finishes to the colours, they are always different or custom. It’s something just for you, every single time.


Each Piece is Locally Made with Love

Each piece is infused with love and energy from the dedicated care, to the time and creativity put into it. As a Jamaican product, Tropical Edition celebrates the beauty of our culture and the heart of the Jamaican people through a variety of colour options and styles


Our Promise on Quality

Our Small-scale production ensures a higher quality product because of the ability to track and control the process from start to finish and we never allow something of inferior quality leave our studio with their name on it.


The Materials we Use

The materials involved in each handmade piece are of stellar quality as our Handmade materials are generally sourced from highly reputable suppliers.


A Sense Exclusivity

Our Handmade jewelry is different. Makers and artisans can only create a finite number of pieces, which makes owning a piece of our handmade jewellry means you likely have a limited edition which gives you a sense of exclusivity.


You’re Supporting Real People

Investing in handcrafted jewelry means you get a connection with the artist. Whether you know the artist in person, or feel like you know the artist after learning about their unique story and wearing a piece of their jewellery.

All our jewellery and accessories are Handmade by Jamaican artisan women seeking to create a better life for themselves. Your purchase will provide training, employment and hope to these women and their families.

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